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What To Expect With A Vein Specialist During The Consultation Process?

When we become older, we notice the growth of abnormal veins on the surface of the legs of the face. Luckily, you don’t have to spend your whole life with them. With the advancement of medical technologies, there is a wide range of treatments available that can help treat problematic veins. If you want to get rid of unsightly veins as early as possible, get the vein treatment from a vein doctor at a certified vein clinic.

Who is a vein specialist?

Vein specialists are trained physicians who are specialists to treat all types of conditions affecting veins including varicose or spider veins. Vein specialists have a number of backgrounds such as general or vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists, or even internists. However, these specialists have gone through various types of training including; 

  • Identification of vein disease
  • Diagnose patients accurately
  • Recommendations for the best and most suitable treatment

A vein specialist vein clinics new Jersey is capable of performing various minimally invasive vein treatments in his/her office. 

What Will You Expect During First Appointment With A Vein Specialist?

During the first appointment, your vein doctor will inquire about your current medical history and symptoms. Symptoms will help determine what type of treatment should be recommended to you. Also, he/she will perform a physical examination to get a more clear vision of your vein condition, therefore, make sure that you should wear loose-fitting clothes.  This will help your doctor to examine your covered areas also. Your doctor at vein clinic woodland park may recommend a duplex ultrasound to get a better evaluation of your conditions.  

After collecting your needed information, your doctor will recommend the best suitable treatment which he/she believes is the best one for you. 

Types of Treatment:

After evaluation of your condition, your doctor will recommend one or more of the following treatments. Each method is minimally invasive and easier to perform. 

Laser Vein Treatment:

Laser vein treatment is a fast and painless procedure. Most of the time, the whole treatment process can be completed in about one hour and the recovery time is as little as a day. It might be possible that some patients may experience slight discomfort during and immediately after the treatment itself. The treatment may be conducted under the administration of local anesthesia only.  

Radiofrequency Vein Treatment:

Radiofrequency vein treatment is an alternative minimally invasive treatment option for varicose and spider veins. The treatment method is also conducted using local anesthesia and used to treat bigger veins on the legs. People may experience numbness or hypersensitivity as possible side effects. 



Sclerotherapy is utilized to deal with smaller vein issues in the legs. It is an extremely fast procedure that can be performed in hardly a few minutes. Maybe you are recommended for multiple sessions. Get the treatment done at veins clinics, Clifton.

During the treatment, a vein specialist injects a saline solution to the affected veins directly to make them shrink and collapse and eventually fade away. Your doctor may use an ultrasound device to monitor the procedure and determine that it moves through the legs. Generally, this possession does not require any involvement of anesthesia. 

Only a vein specialist can determine adequately what treatment type is the most suitable for you and whatnot. Therefore, make an appointment with a skilled and experienced vein specialist at veins clinic Clifton to achieve your goal. 

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